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Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: Feb 05, 2013

The Moth Remembers Ed Koch

by Joan D. Firestone, Executive Director

110117 Moth Shop Review 015

Photo by Sarah Stacke

The Board and staff of The Moth join New Yorkers in mourning the loss of Mayor Ed Koch, a giant political leader and devoted humanist who turned personal ideas and ideals into goals and then accomplishments to benefit all New Yorkers.

Determined and relentless in his governing style, Mayor Koch was capable of extraordinary sensitivity. I experienced first-hand his concern for New York’s youth. As he waited his turn as storyteller at The Moth’s New York Stories show, that featured storytellers from our Community Education Program, I watched in awe and tears as Mayor Koch reached out to calm a student storyteller overcome with fear in anticipation of her performance.

Beyond the three terms he served as Mayor, Koch never lost touch with the people of New York. He continued to serve as a political pundit, cultural advisor, movie reviewer and food critic, with relentless fervor. The memory of Ed Koch and his impact on the city endures in each of us lucky enough to call ourselves New Yorkers enjoying the fruits of his unparalleled leadership.
Please listen to Mayor Koch’s 2011 story told at The Moth in our archives.

Ed Koch Lower

Photo by Sarah Stacke

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