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Storytelling School with The Moth: Bi-Weekly Storytelling Activity #4

by Moth EDU

We’re back with our next installment of Storytelling School with The Moth. Because of social distancing in response to COVID-19, a large number of schools all around the world are closed, so The Moth’s Education program is publishing these storytelling activities to help parents and educators with some at-home curriculum. By popular demand, these blog posts are now twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays - thanks for your support!

Today's story is:

“Mushroom Turned Bear” by Diavian Walters

You can read the transcript of Diavian’s story here.

After you’ve watched and read the story, you can do the following activities: 

1. Talk to each other about Diavian’s story. For each post, we’ll highlight a different crafting strategy for how to make your story compelling. This week, the focus will be: BE HONEST, BE REAL.  The Moth is all about ‘True stories told live without notes’. When Diavian tells the audience at the beginning of her story that she can feel her heart drumming in her chest, she’s being honest with the audience about her feelings in that moment. That allows us to empathize with her and lean into her story. We tell our storytellers “be honest, be real” (whatever that means to you). Your story will be more engaging for the audience as we get to know the real you! 

What parts of Diavian’s story were relatable for you? Let’s Play “Have You Ever”!

Raise your hand if … 

  • You’ve ever tried something you saw on YouTube? 

  • You’ve ever had a family member help you with your hair? 

  • You’ve ever had a complicated relationship with your hair or some other aspect of your appearance or identity? 

  • You’ve ever given yourself a pep-talk? 

  • You’ve ever been unable to stop something once it’s in motion? 

  • You’ve ever been nervous for people to see your new look? 

  • You’ve ever done something you weren’t sure your parents would approve of? 

  • You’ve ever tried to sneak past a family member? 

  • You’ve ever asked someone to tell you the truth even if you knew you weren’t going to like it?

  • You’ve ever had something work out differently than you’d expected?

  • You’ve ever had a moment when you saw yourself differently? 

  • You’ve ever been called something that you decided to take as a compliment? 

Did you raise your hand? If you raised your hand even once, that’s a story you could tell! Find someone to tell it to and try out a draft!

2. Activity

  • Create a “YouTube tutorial” on how to do your favorite (or your wackiest) hairstyle! Or maybe you’re feeling adventurous, like Diavian? Create a “YouTube tutorial” on trying a new hairstyle or outfit or something else you’ve never tried before!

    • How would you explain it? What do you like about this hairstyle/look? How does it  make you feel? Why did you want to try this new look? Be as serious or silly as you’d like!

3. Share this post with a friend!

Click here for activity #5.

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Diavian Walters is currently a junior at Mercy College who aspires to be a Social Worker. Her love for stories has grown throughout her time of being a student and Teaching Artist in the Moth Education program. Brooklyn born and raised, she enjoys the city life and its opportunities. As an introvert and empath, she finds joy in creating art, writing, fighting social injustices, and caring for animals.  Recently becoming a mother of two Red Ear Slider turtles and a kitten has given her purpose and motivation. 

We met Diavian in 2016 as a participant in The Moth Education Program’s High School SLAM residency at The Young Women’s Leadership School in Brooklyn. She went on to become a production and teaching intern and is now an Instructor for The Moth’s Community and Education programs.

The Moth Education Program is made possible by generous support from The Kresge Foundation, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Charitable Trust, the Kate Spade New York Foundation, and  Alice Gottesman. 

Additional program support is provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the New York State Council on the Arts, ConEdison, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Mushroom Turned Bear

by Diavian Walters

Diavian Walters has a relationship with hair that is shear madness.

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