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Storytelling School with The Moth: Weekly Storytelling Activity #24

by Moth EDU

Lesson #24: STAKES: "A Bratz Life"- Talaya Moore

Here’s another Storytelling School with The Moth! We are in the midst of a difficult time that can feel hard to process, both for ourselves and for our young people. For this week’s blog, we’re taking a look at a story about the objects in our lives that help us make it through.

This week’s Storytelling School story is:

“A Bratz Life” by Talaya Moore

You can read the transcript of Talaya’s story here.

1. Talk to each other about Emely’s story.

For each post, we’ll highlight a different crafting strategy for how to make your story compelling. For this post, we’ll focus on STAKES.  Stakes are all about what the storyteller has to win or lose or what matters for the teller. The stakes for each person are different, so we have to describe them from a specific, personal perspective.

  • For Talaya, her Bratz dolls are not “just dolls”. What are the very specific examples she uses to show us what the dolls mean to her?
  • How does Talaya show* us what she has to win or lose in this story? What details does she include that help us understand her specific, personal perspective?
  • Talaya describes her doll Sasha as someone or something that helps her get through. What’s a story you could tell about someone or something that is currently helping you get through, during these hard times?

*See the post from April 21st that highlights the principle SHOW VS. TELL

2. Write or tell your own story.

At The Moth, we believe in celebrating the diversity and commonality of human experience. Often, listening to someone’s story will remind us of a story from our own lives. While you almost definitely have not had Talaya’s exact experience, it still may have reminded you of a story from your own life. Get inspired by these prompt questions to tell your own story!

  • Tell us about a time you were obsessed with something

  • Tell us about a time you knew you were hooked

  • Tell us about a time you saw representation in toy or in pop culture that resonated with you

  • Tell us about a time you hustled for what you wanted

  • Tell us about a time you got stuck with your second favorite thing

  • Tell us about a time you had to be first in line

  • Tell us about a time you knew you deserved reward

  • Tell us about a time you were tired of the way things were going

  • Tell us about a time you felt whole

  • Tell us about a time, in a world filled with uncertainty, you found your happily ever after

3. Activities

  • Think of an object that represents home to you. If it’s easily accessible, pick it up or go to it. If it isn’t, imagine where it is and what it would be like to hold it. What about it means home? Think about all the stories that surround it and tell one to someone in your life!

  • Let’s do some show and tell! What was your favorite childhood toy? Maybe a teddy bear from the day you were born, the X-box you always wanted, or a handmade doll. If you have it with you, show someone! And if not, can you draw or describe it to them? And then find out theirs!

4. Share this post with a friend!

And check back Tuesday for another story.

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Talaya Moore is a recent college grad with a B.A in communications and event planning. She is a plus-size model and brand ambassador for numerous online shops. Talaya is also a YouTube Personality creating content ranging from hair tutorials, storytimes, vlogs and more. Her future goal is to pursue a career in acting and producing.

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