Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: Jan 08, 2021

Introducing The Moth Story Map - Dante Jackson

by The Moth Staff

Happy New Year! 

2021 has finally arrived and with it, new opportunities to be involved with The Moth! Read more information about open applications for our All City program for high school students and Moth Teacher Institute for 5-12 teachers at the bottom of this post.

Secondly, the Education team has been working on a really exciting instructional video that we’re ecstatic to finally be able to share with you.

One of the many tools we use to talk about structure in the EDU Program is the STORY MAP, which includes the five chapters of a Moth story: 

         1. The World As It Was

                   What do we need to know about you to understand this story?

         2. And Then One Day… 

                   What happens to set the story in motion?

         3. Raising the Stakes

                   What do you have to win or lose? What matters to you and why?

         4. The Moment of Change

                   What happens that changes how you see things?

         5. The World As It Is Now

                   How are you different after the events of this story? 

We now present to you a convenient and engaging video where you can see these chapters applied to a real life story from one of our high school storytellers. Dante Jackson told his story “The Prom” at his high school StorySLAM at the School for Classics in 2013. Check out the animated video below!


  • Use the Story Map to think about how to structure your own stories or work with your students on theirs! See this previous blog post for more on Moth story structure!

  • Get involved! If you are an educator or student interested in being involved with The Moth, see below for opportunities!


Applications are NOW LIVE for our FREE virtual All City Residency Program! All City is a 7 week virtual workshop for 10th-12th graders from all five boroughs of NYC to meet new people, brainstorm ideas, play games and tell their stories. Find out more HERE.


Applications NOW LIVE for The Moth Teacher Institute! Find out more HERE.

Hosted virtually, The Moth Teacher Institute brings together in-service teachers from across the globe who currently use—or are eager to bring—Moth stories to their classrooms and school communities. The Institute features panel discussions with Moth student alumni, workshops focused on Moth pedagogy and approaches, and an opportunity for teachers to craft their own stories.

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Storyteller bio

  • Dante Jackson is 24 years old and originally from Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from the School for Classics in East New York, where he participated in the Moth High School StorySLAM during his senior year. He is an aspiring dancer and writer currently training to become a better dancer.


Video Credits: 

Animation: Aglow Films: Marc John Cornish and Jack Dennis

Host: Peter Aguero

HS SLAM Residency Partner: School for Classics with Faculty Advisor, Christine DeJohn

SLAM Crew: Noriko Okabe- Audio Engineer and Sarah Anderson - Videographer