Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: Feb 11, 2022

Staff Pick: First Kisses!

by The Moth Staff

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we asked Moth staffers to tell us about their first kisses…


"My first kiss was with the daughter of a friend of my mother. We were young, ten or so, and playing hide and go seek in Dove Court, a city project in Richmond, VA. She and I both hid behind a huge dumpster at the far end of the project. I was peeking around the corner to see if anyone was coming to get us and when I turned to tell her we were in the clear she grabbed me and kissed me. I was caught off guard. She laughed and ran off after the kiss. I stood there stunned for a few moments more. The kiss was perhaps not what she had hoped for it to be because she never did it again, and seemed to actively not hide where I was hiding during hide and go seek games going forward.” 

-Jon Goode, Moth Storyteller and Host


“I was 13 and it was with my first boyfriend. My mom helped me ask him out over AIM. The kiss took place on my mom's birthday--she told me to invite him over because she was excited for me and always put me first. So really, this is a love story, but about my mom, not romance.”

-Emily Couch, Producer, Special Projects and Radio

“At a Starbucks in the mall with my high school girlfriend. I was 17, so a late bloomer I guess.”

-Marc Sollinger, Podcast Producer

“The magical moment took place after the bus ride home from our 8th grade graduation field trip to Six Flags!”

-Inga Glodowski, Director of Member Experience