Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: Nov 10, 2020

Near and Far: Stories of Exploration

by The Moth x Expedia

Near And Far
A partnership with The Moth and Expedia. 

2020 may have required many of us to press pause on our immediate travel plans, but at The Moth we know that there's no stopping wanderlust. In celebration of the adventures you've taken in the past, the excursions you will take again in the future and all those unpredictable moments in between The Moth and Expedia have teamed up to bring you Near and Far: Stories of Exploration. Below, we invite you to join us in sharing your own unexpected 2020 travel stories as well as listen to a playlist of stories that come to you from all around the world.

While you’re listening, check out Expedia's podcast Out Travel The System for tips and tricks on how to travel safely and fuel your wanderlust!

Near and Far: Stories of Exploration - The Moth Pitchline

As a part of this series we invite you to submit a 2-minute story pitch via The Moth Pitchline. Follow these steps to have that pitch considered for story development during a complimentary storytelling workshop with a Moth instructor in January 2021.

1: Consider these prompts:

Tell us about a time in 2020 when you...
- took the path less traveled and changed along the way
- evolved personally during an unexpected adventure
- escaped it all and returned a different person
- discovered something new about your city and yourself

2: Click here to access The Moth Pitchline

3: IMPORTANT: Make sure to include "Expedia Near and Far Submission" in your written story summary.

4: Record your pitch

The Moth team will be in touch with you the week of December 28 if you are selected to participate!

Near and Far: Stories of Exploration Playlist

To inspire your own stories and inspire future travel ideas, listen to this curated playlist! Each week we’ll add new stories from beloved Moth Storytellers from all around the world. This playlist was curated specifically to transport you from your home office to destinations all over the globe.