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Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: Jun 17, 2019

The Moth's Bold New Logo

by The Moth Staff

Moth Lock Up Pantone1665 C Primary

“The hand-drawn illustration of a moth and its accompanying text are artisanal and authentic, unique as each storyteller—but it also has an otherworldly vibe.” - Catherine Burns

This Spring, alongside the release of our third book, Occasional Magic, The Moth debuted a brand new logo, designed in partnership our friend Stephen Doyle and his talented team at Doyle Partners.

We talked with The Moth’s Artistic Director, Catherine Burns, and Stephen Doyle about the power of imagery, the inspiration behind The Moth’s new logo and more.

When did you decide to update The Moth’s logo?

CB: We’d had our old logo for about ten years, and so it seemed like a good time to freshen it up.

Why did you decide to work with Doyle Partners on the redesign of The Moth’s logo?

CB: I met Stephen Doyle through mutual friends. I was admiring his brilliant art which is both beautiful and witty. When I found out he does branding I got so excited. Doyle Partners is a design studio helmed by artists and creatives. We found that Stephen and his team really understand the powerful ways words and images can convey complex ideas in a simple way.  

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"Just like the stories, this reminded us of the memories that linger long after the mic is turned off, that little bit of Moth that you carry with you when you go back to your own life." - Stephen Doyle

What was the creative process like?

SD: Creating a new logo for The Moth was an epic journey which included lots of stops along the way. We explored logos built on reflections, folds, soundwaves, moths whose wings included hidden human faces, and whose bodies were human figures. There were microphones and stands, jazz hands, more soundwaves, hints of an audience…and after such a trip around the world of insistence and meaning and messaging, we circled back to the powerful metaphor of a moth itself, not endowed with secret messages—you need no decoder ring to appreciate this moth, drawn in pencil by a human hand.

CB: Exactly! Just as Moth directors work with our tellers to help stories shine, Stephen worked closely with our team to identify the right aesthetic to best convey our mission. Now, after months of collaboration, we’re excited to get the new logo out in the world.

Why did you gravitate towards a hand-drawn interpretation of a moth?

SD: The drawing is a simple interpretation of a living thing, observed carefully and recorded diligently. THAT, we decided was the perfect metaphor for the Moth experience. The drawing of the insect and the name are reminiscent of the dusty powder that covers a moths wings, the magic dust that stays on your fingers after an encounter with a moth.

What do you think makes the new logo so special?

CB: Its beauty and versatility. It’s simultaneously meticulous and a little rough. It is artistic, yet practical. Most of all, this wonderful, exquisite gem is truly worthy of the stories with which it will be paired for the next many years.

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