Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: Oct 17, 2022

Moth Playlist: Spooky

by The Moth Staff


‘Tis the season to get a little creeped out. Hauntings, spells, curses, unexplained events, and things that go bump in the night are what this playlist is all about.

Edgar Oliver: The Backyard on 36th street

Edgar Oliver propagates monsters in his backyard.

Dame Wilburn: The Curse

Dame Wilburn is told that she is cursed and decides to try and lift the curse herself.

Amir Baghadadchi: Hayride to Hell

Amir Baghadadchi takes on a frightening new gig.

Zaena Tessema: The Vampire Rabbit

Zaena Tessema's mother invokes a mysterious figure to control her children. 

Joe Charnitski: Haunted, Abandoned, Insane

A group of friends go ghost hunting

Phil Plait: A Scientific Exorcise

A scientist finds himself questioning his beliefs while all alone in a dark observatory at night.

Ava Kay Jones: The Voodoo Priestess of Football

When the New Orleans Saints need a miracle, a voodoo priestess is put on the case.

Speaking of spooky, we went around the office and asked our staff members about their favorite Halloween rituals and traditions. 

“Pumpkin carving and watching Psycho (a classic!). This year my costume was Dolly Parton because who doesn't love a world-saving country star?”

- Jen Lue, Controller

“I tradition that I started with friends in college and have continued on into adulthood -- a marathon of horror movies, while eating a huge bowl of chocolate candy from the morning well into the night, until our teeth feel like they're falling out of our heads and we're too scared to leave one another's company.”

- Emily Couch, Producer, Special Projects and Radio

“I usually try to do a spooky read in honor of the season. Tana French is on the docket this year!”

- Chloe Salmon, Producer and Director

“I fall into the same pattern every year: I think up fantastic, elaborate costume ideas months in advance, panic the week of, and throw something together at the last minute. This time I'm dressing up as Carmy from ‘The Bear.’” 

- Alex Román Peters, Assistant Producer

“Watching Hocus Pocus, sorting through our candy, and brokering shrewd candy deals was the name of the game in the Colvin household. ‘I'll trade you two Twix for all your MilkDuds.’ ‘Who can take these Raisinettes off my hands? I'll give you a good deal, they're the worst.’”

- Heather Colvin, Manager, Brand Partnerships

“Every year, Halloween gives me the perfect excuse to pull out this spotted, faux fur Jordache coat that I thrifted in college for my one and only costume, Cruella de Vil.”

- Anna Roberts, Manager, MothWorks

“In the last few years, before I moved from New Orleans, my favorite ritual was having my mom over to make chili and hand out candy.” 

- Megan Bourg, Manager, Membership Programs and Annual Giving 


“MELLOWCREME PUMPKINS! All the flavor of candy corn with a much more satisfying texture."

- Jennifer Birmingham, Managing Director of Programs