Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: Apr 26, 2022

How to Tell a Story: A Message from the Authors

by The Moth

Book Cropped

Hello Moth Community,

Today is a special day for The Moth! Our new book, How to Tell a Story, is out in the world.

We debated the dedication line, as we did nearly every word in this book—(co-authoring is lively work!)—but there was a collective and happy yes when we co-decided:


This book is dedicated to you and what you have yet to share.

We worked many hours to distill 25 years of front-row storytelling know-how into a single book. We hope all who read it will find the inspiration and courage to share their personal stories with confidence and to listen to stories more deeply!

We could not have written this book without you. Whether you've told a story at a Moth event or attended a show, taken one of our storytelling workshops, or listened to the podcast or The Moth Radio Hour, your ears and attention have confirmed that storytelling is essential.

Storytelling is a bridge—it not only transforms but also informs. It helps you connect more deeply with yourself and, ultimately, the world. Storytelling isn't just about revealing the extraordinary; it's about uncovering the commonalities of life.

How to Tell a Story will give you the tools to listen to and share stories with those around you—whether at the dinner table, at work, for toasts, or on the Moth stage.

Thank you for being a part of our community. We're looking forward to hearing what you unearth in your search for your undiscovered stories.

We can't wait to hear them,

Meg Bowles
Catherine Burns
Jenifer Hixson
Sarah Austin Jenness
Kate Tellers


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