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The Justice Project

Criminal justice reform is a defining issue of our time. Those with personal experiences within the system are its experts and are the ones best positioned to lead the public dialogue around prison reform.

If you work for an organization connected to criminal justice reform, we encourage you to apply to our workshop series

Our Partners and Funders

The Moth thanks our past and future partners for their support of The Justice Project. We are always seeking new partners to expand our work and bring the power of storytelling to those affected by the justice system.

  • Center for Court Innovation UPNEXT
  • Child Welfare Organizing Project
  • Circles of Support
  • College and Community Fellowship
  • Getting Out Staying Out
  • Her Justice
  • Horizon Juvenile Center
  • Hudson Link
  • Just Leadership USA
  • Metropolitan Correctional Center
  • NYC Justice Corp
  • Osborne Association USA
  • Refoundry
  • Rikers
  • Rise
  • The Bronx Defenders
  • The Fortune Society
  • The Innocence Project
  • The National Network for Safe Communities`
  • Trial Lawyers College

Stories and Tellers

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Huwe Burton shares a story he began crafting at a workshop in partnership with the Innocence Network Conference in 2018.

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Eva Santiago shares her story with the audience at a Community Showcase event in 2018

Cc 190710 Nyc Comm Sc Around The Bend 072

Carlos Sanchez shares a story he began crafting at a workshop in partnership with the Innocence Network Conference

This short documentary highlights the story of Joyce McMillan, the director of programming for the Child Welfare Organizing Project and a storyteller with The Moth Justice Project.

“The unfolding of the gift of crafting my story was a true gift from The Moth, as well as watching the other woman bloom like flowers. The connection between us woman in my eyes was powerful. It is one, I will carry with me my whole life.”
— Tonya/ Workshop Participant —

Apply Now

The Moth is actively seeking organizations who have direct experience with the criminal justice system. If you work for one of those organizations, we strongly encourage you to apply to our workshop series! 

Thank You

The Moth appreciates the generous support from the Tow Foundation for leveraging the power of community-based organizations dedicated to reforming federal, state and local justice policies and practices.