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Stories marked with tag "Teenagers"

The Classroom

by Tonja Murphy

Tonja Murphy’s students always tell her the truth, so she has to be careful about what outfits she wears.

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Breaking News

by Anne Stuart

Anne Stuart spends her summer break delivering the news as the switchboard operator at her local paper.

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When the Truth Pops Out

by Lin-Manuel Miranda

As a high school student, Lin-Manuel Miranda reveals more of himself than he realized while writing his first musical.

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Driver’s Ed Confessional

by Aydrea Walden

While working as an instructor for a wealthy teen, Aydrea Walden realizes that everyone has their struggles.

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My Crush almost got me Crushed

by Gary Daniel Bastardo Yimenez

Gary Yiminez proves just how far he's willing to go for love.

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