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Stories marked with tag "Religion"

Go in Peace

by Tina Zimmerman

Tina Zimmerman is on the cusp of empty-nest syndrome when an accident helps her decide that she wants to become a minister.

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My Guy

by Carolyn Martin

Sister Carolyn Martin commits herself to a love greater than any other.

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The Blessing

by Kate Braestrup

A pastor responds to a murder scene and tends to the dead and the first-responders.

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Beneath the Sheets: Klansmen I've Covered

by Jerry Mitchell

When a reporter uncovers unpunished crimes from the Civil Rights Movement, he begins to pursue the suspects and puts himself at great risk.

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The Voodoo Priestess of Football

by Ava Kay Jones

When the New Orleans Saints need a miracle, a voodoo priestess is put on the case.

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