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Undercover in North Korea with its Future Leaders

by Suki Kim

Suki Kim is a journalist who risks her life posing as a teacher in an elite North Korean school.

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Radical Honesty

by Starlee Kine

While doing research for a book on self help, a young writer finds herself getting sucked into a cult.

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Beaneath the Sheets: Klansmen I've Covered

by Jerry Mitchell

When a reporter uncovers unpunished crimes from the Civil Rights Movement, he begins to pursue the suspects and puts himself at great risk.

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Rookie Reporter

by Lewis Lapham

Scandal, vice and magnificent hypocrisy: the truth about the press in 1950s America, as seen by a wide-eyed cub reporter.

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by Danyel Smith

A magazine editor is confronted by rapper Foxy Brown.

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