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Stories marked with tag "Film Filmmaking"

Fable of Fortune

by Jamie Johnson

When the heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune makes a highly acclaimed documentary about being rich, his father's unexpected feedback is what sticks with him.

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Moxie in Cannes

by Caroline Kaplan

A confrontation in a movie theater teaches a rising producer a dangerous lesson.

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Page Six

by Dina Pearlman

A woman dreams of being rescued from her dull job by an underwear model.

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Poitier and Brando, Mississippi, 1964

by Bob Zellner

White southerner Bob Zellner reflects on being an ally during the Civil Rights Movement.

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Father Joe

by Tony Hendra

An inspirational monk causes a young man to choose the spiritual path, only to find years later that what connected them was a biting sense of humor.

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