Weaving Memory - Melanie Yazzie

“You’re weaving thoughts and ideas and these designs in a different way.”

Photo by Jessica Taves

Weaving Memory

by Melanie Yazzie

Melanie Yazzie shares stories from her childhood on the Navajo Nation.

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Extras From This Story

Melanie Yazzie Radio Extra 8

Melanie Yazzie at Canyon De Chelly which is, "Sacred to my people the Navajo. It is where I find peace and I center myself when I go home. It is a very special place."

Melanie Yazzie Radio Extra 7

"This is an image of my grandmother on my mother's side, Thelma Baldwin, is her name. She is who helped guide my small hands to hold the yarn on my feet. She is my special angel. She passed away and I still talk to her in my heart." - Melanie Yazzie

Melanie Yazzie Radio Extra 3

"This is me one the left and then my mother, Bessi B. Yazzie and my father, Albert Yazzie. He passed away on April 1, 2016. It has been a hard time for us since that time since it is so recent." - Melanie Yazzie

Melanie Yazzie Radio Extra 4

"This is a close up of the rug that my grandmother, Thelma Baldwin, made that I spoke of the in the story." - Melanie Yazzie

Melanie Yazzie Radio Extra 5

"This is the rug exhibition at the Natural History Museum on the University of Colorado Boulder Campus. The rug that is closest in the frame is the rug that my father's mother, grandma, Nesbah Yazzie wove." - Melanie Yazzie

Melanie Yazzie Radio Extra 1

"This is a 30 inch round relief wood block I carved about the story I told on the Moth, It is about that whole discovery. I printed this one in dark blue on 42" x 30" paper." - Melanie Yazzie