Triage on a Syrian Chicken Farm - Vivian Huang

“I thought that being a doctor, I could level the playing field a little bit. That by being a doctor I wouldn't have to face sexism or gender inequality.”

Photo by Jason Falchook

Triage on a Syrian Chicken Farm

by Vivian Huang

Vivian Huang comes face to face with her family history while treating a patient in Syria.

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Vivian Huang Radio Extra 1722

A photo taken of Vivian for Doctors Without Borders.

Vivian Huang Radio Extra 2 1722

The cave, which previously housed apples and olives, where Vivian and her surgical colleagues worked until a lack of space and an increase in medical activities required a move to a larger, permanent structure, which used to be a chicken farm.

For more on the difficulties of providing surgical care in a war-torn Syria, visit: