The Prodigal Poet Returns Home - Mic Stock 12

The Prodigal Poet Returns Home

by Glenn North

Feeling despondent about moving back to his hometown of Kansas City to take care of a sick parent, a young poet decides to rejuvenate the arts scene with a poetry night.

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Club Mardi Gras Circa 1998  Glenn North Is Seated Surrounded By Some Of The Poets Who Regularly Attended Verbal Attack

Club Mardi Gras Circa 1998. Glenn North is seated surrounded by some of the poets who regularly attended verbal attack.

A Young Glenn North Meeting Mayor Wheeler In Front Of City Hall  He Had Won A Contest With A Poem Entitled  Why I Like Me  Glenns Grandmother Who Introduced Him To Poetry Is Seen Standing On His Right

A young Glenn North meeting Mayor Wheeler in front of City Hall. He had won a contest with a poem entitled "Why I like Me." Glenn's grandmother who introduced him to poetry is seen standing on his right.

A Photo To Commemorate The 25Th Anniversary Of Verbal Attack Glenn North Is Center Co Founders Jay Hawkins Is Right And Marcus Brown Is Left  Theyre In Front Of Club Mardi Gras Which Is Now Closed

A photo to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Verbal Attack. Glenn North is center, co-founders Jay Hawkins (right) and Marcus Brown (left), they are in front of Club Mardi Gras which is now closed.