The Greatest Job in New York - Frank Okeefe

“Everyone is aware of the fact that the police are known as New York's finest. Firefighters are known as New York's bravest, but not everyone is aware that sanitation are known as New York’s strongest.”

The Greatest Job in New York

by Frank O'Keefe

Frank O'Keefe takes us inside the world of the New York City Sanitation Department.

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Extras From This Story

Frank In 1996 When He Was A Sanitation Worker

Frank in 1996 when he was a sanitation worker.

Frank In 2012 Now A District Superintendent  This Photo Was Taken In Rockaway During The Hurricane Sandy

Frank in 2012 now a district superintendent. This photo was taken in Rockaway during Hurricane Sandy.

Frank Now A Supervisor In 2001 At Ground Zero

Frank now a supervisor in 2001 at Ground Zero.