The Great Qureshi Car Chase - Omar Qureshi

“I like hearing my dad tell stories its one of my favorite things. And my favorite story that he tells all the time is about when he came to the United States for the first time.”

The Great Qureshi Car Chase

by Omar Qureshi

Omar Qureshi tries to show his cousin a good time when he visits the US.

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Extras From This Story

Omars Uncles Graduation Photo

Omar's Uncle's graduation photo.

Omars Dad At Graduation

Omar's dad at graduation.

Omars Dad With Friends

Omar's dad with friends.

Omars Uncle At His Undergrad Graduation And Omars Dad Wearing The Pink Shirt

Omar's uncle at his undergrad graduation and Omar's dad wearing the pink shirt.

Omars Dad Grandmother And Aunt Around The Time Of His Dads Graduation

Omar's dad, grandmother, and aunt around the time of his dad's graduation.

Omar With His Cousins

Omar with his cousins.