Slaying King George - Maurice Ashley

“And I become like Neo in the matrix. His bullets, I don't have to dodge them anymore.”

Photo by Braden Moran

Slaying King George

by Maurice Ashley

Maurice describes his development as a chess player under the tutelage of The Black Bear School of Chess.

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Maurice Working With The Junior High School Chess Team The Raging Rooks Who Won The National Championships In 1991 Photo Credit Charu Robinson 465X334 1

Maurice working with the junior high school chess team, the Raging Rooks, who won the National Championships in 1991. Photo by Charu Robinson.

Maurice Playing Blitz Chess In 2001 With The Brothers At The Oxford Chess Club In Brooklyn Photo Credit Daaim Shabazz 465X307

Maurice playing blitz chess in 2001 with the Brothers at the Oxford Chess Club in Brooklyn. Photo by Daaim Shabazz.