Radicalization by Tricycle - Michele Oberholtzer

“There was a word echoing in my head and it was 'radicalize.'”

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Photo by Liz Mackinder

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Radicalization by Tricycle

by Michele Oberholtzer

Michelle Oberholtzer sets up a fund to help families fight home foreclosure.

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Michelle Oberholtzer Web Extra 1719 9

Michelle Oberholtzer canvassing in 2014.

Since 2008, more than 100,000 residential structures have gone into tax foreclosure. This year, 17,000 occupied homes are still subject to foreclosure, and may be sold to the highest bidder in an online auction. To see the map full of red dots that Michele mentioned in the story, visit loveland.com. To learn more about the work of The Tricycle Collective, hear more testimonials of survivors of the foreclosure crisis, and to donate at any time, visit www.thetricyclecollective.com.

Michelle Oberholtzer Web Extra 1719 5

The current 2017 map of tax foreclosures courtesy of Loveland. The red areas are occupied homes.

Testimonial pictures from Tricycle Collective's 2014 families.