Pregnant Man - Trystan Reese

“I could spend the rest of my life obsessing over all of the things my body cannot do, or I could get excited about the thing that it can do that their body can't, which is to create life.”

Photo by Ursula Cayote

Pregnant Man

by Trystan Reese

Trystan Reese must deal with the world’s reaction when he goes viral for becoming a pregnant trans man.

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Mrh1824 Trystan Reese  Extra3

A pregnant Trystan and his partner Biff. (Photo by Kevin Truong)

Mrh1824 Trystan Reese  Extra2

Trystan showing off his baby bump. (Photo by Shanna Sturgell)

Mrh1824 Trystan Reese  Extra6

Trystan, Biff and baby Leo. (Photo by Sommessa Photography)

Mrh1824 Trystan Reese  Extra4

Trystan and baby Leo, who "could have been a monster" and Trystan "would have loved him just the same." (Photo by Erin Schedler)

Mrh1824 Trystan Reese  Extra5

The whole family: Trystan, Biff, Haley, Riley, and baby Leo.