No if ands or BUTTS - Troy Price Photo By Travin Jones

“ I wanted to be a superhero, but sadly, I don't think I would look as good in the tights as they do. So I did the next best thing. I decided to go to school and become a school teacher.”

Photo by Travin Jones

No if ands or BUTTS

by Toby Price

Toby Price faces unexpected consequences when he introduces his students to a book he and his family love. 

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Extras From This Story

Toby Price And His Wife

Toby and his wife.

Tobys Children Addison Mc Kade And Marley  Also Pictured Beatrice The Dog

Toby's children Addison, McKade, and Marley. Also pictured Beatrice the dog.

A video about Toby’s book, The Almost True Adventures of Tytus the Monkey