Mr. Tough Guy - Cjhunt

“Every time that there's a maintenance problem with the apartment, my girlfriend and I are suddenly thrust into some weird game show called 'Is CJ a man yet?'”

Photo by Braden Moran

Mr. Tough Guy

by CJ Hunt

CJ Hunt tests his bravery during an apartment confrontation.

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Extras From This Story

Cj Hunt Mrh 1811 Extra 1

CJ Hunt's neighbor's radiator began leaking into the floor, down into CJ's apartment. In order to fix the issue, repairmen cut a hole in CJ's ceiling to access the pipes.

Cj Hunt Mrh 1811 Extra 2

Construction debris from repairs to the radiator.

Cj Hunt Mrh 1811 Extra 3

The water leaking from the radiator above CJ's apartment pooling behind his painted walls.