Loving Grace - Robin Utz

“I google... and what stares me back in the face is '80% to 90% fatal.'”

Photo by Allison Evans

Loving Grace

by Robin Utz

Robin Utz comes to face the hardships of pregnancy and love.

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Robin and Jim on their wedding day.

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Robin and her husband, Jim, at the Wilbur Theatre where Robin shared her story.

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Robin and her doctor at a recent visit.

A special note from Robin. She writes:

I would love to give a shoutout to my best friend and husband, Jim, our families, and all of our amazing friends and family that really carried us through this experience - from Internet infertility communities to friends we hadn't spoken to in years that came out of the woodwork to fill our home with cards, flowers and meals, and our texts and inboxes full of words of love and support. And in some cases, filling our days with tear-filled meals, and puzzles and tea.

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Robin's daughter Hannah, a dedicated Moth fan!

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Robin and Hannah.

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Robin's husband Jim and their daughter Hannah.

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Robin and Hannah out on a rainy day.