Love Between the Lines - Mic Stock 10

“My love language is cooking elaborate meals and then pretending that I did not spend 13 hours for it with the people I care about. ”

Love Between the Lines

by Mike Wang

Mike Wang struggles with how to express his love for his father. 

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Extras From This Story

1 Mike And His Wife At Their Wedding

Mike and his wife at their wedding.

2 Mike And His Family Before The Chinese Wedding Ceremony

Mike and his family before the Chinese wedding ceremony.

3 Mike His Wife And His Family At Their Chinese Wedding Ceremony

Mike, his wife and his family at their Chinese Wedding Ceremony.

4 Mike His Wife And Their Families At Their Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Mike, his wife, and their families at their Hindu Wedding Ceremony.

5 The First Time Mike And His Father Hugged

The first time Mike and his father hugged.

6 Mikes Wifes Dad Hugging Mikes Dad In A Hindu Ritual Called The Milni In Which The Families Meet For The First Time And Compete For Who Can Give The Bigger Hug

Mike's wife's dad hugging Mike's dad in a Hindu ritual called The Milni in which the families meet for the first time and compete for who can give the bigger hug.