Little Bear - Alexandra Rosas

“Whatever Little Bear's mother did, I did for that day with my kids.”

Photo by Peter Jakubowski

Little Bear

by Alexandra Rosas

Alexandra Rosas learns to be a parent with the help of TV.

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Alexandra Rosas MP 544 Extra 2

Alexandra and her forever DVD, "Little Bear," taken just a couple weeks before appearing on the podcast.

Alexandra Rosas MP 544 Extra 1

15 years later, when Alexandra's mother developed Alzheimers, she took Little Bear's lessons to her taking her for sun, air and patient love. Photo taken on Lake Michigan's bluffs, August 2013.

Alexandra Rosas Mp 544 Extra 4

Alexandra with her own "little bears" at two and three years old, getting the sun and daily outings that Little Bear taught them to.

Alexandra Rosas Mp 544 Extra 3

Alexandra with her children; now 22, 21, and 25. All raised with Little Bear's help. (May 2017)