How Not to Feel Crazy - Tricia Rose Burt

“I was raised that I should get married, that I should defer to my husband, and that I should rely on my husband to make me happy. I can tell you firsthand that this is inherently flawed. ”

How Not to Feel Crazy

by Tricia Rose Burt

While going through a divorce, Tricia Rose Burt finds comfort in her art. 

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Tricia And Her Husband Eric At Their Wedding In Clifden County Galway Ireland September 4 1998

Tricia and her husband Eric at their wedding in Clifden County, Galway, Ireland September 4, 1998.

Tricia And Eric Revisiting The Wall On The Island Of Inishbofin County Galway Ireland In June 2018 Where They Met Nearly 25 Years Before  Tricia Says 22 Nothing Has Changed Except Now They Have Wifi 22

Tricia and Eric revisiting the wall on the isalnd of Inishbofin County, Galway, Ireland in June 2018 where they met nearly 25 years before. Tricia says, "Nothing has changed except now we have wifi."