He Was Dating My Hair - Mrh1822 ​ Aleathia Brown​ Extra3

“I'm taking things off as we're talking, but I'm not taking my hat off and I'm realizing he's waiting.”

He Was Dating My Hair

by Aleathia Brown

Aleathia Brown makes a bold aesthetic change.

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Mrh1822 ​ Aleathia Brown​ Extra3

Aleathia's organization, Unveiled Unlocked, celebrating their annual Global Bare Head Beauty Day.

Mrh1822 ​ Aleathia Brown​ Extra2

Unveiled Unlocked offers a variety of forums, exhibitions and programs to enlighten, educate and celebrate bare heads.

Mrh1822 ​ Aleathia Brown​ Extra1

Aleathia embracing her "I Am Harlem" mural.