Ghost of Vietnam - Scott Young

“If I'm complimented at all on my physical appearance it's usually one of two things, my thick full beard or my beefy muscular legs. I get both from my mother.”

Photo by Annette Pasco

Ghost of Vietnam

by Scott Young

Scott Young honors the legacy of his Vietnam Veteran father.

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Scott Young 1

Entrance Ticket from Scott’s visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on his father’s birthday in 1993

Scott Young 2
Scott Young 3

The wall of names reflecting the Washington Monument.

Scott Young 4

“Ronald L Young”

Scott Young 5

Suzanne Young and Ronald Lee Young on their wedding day.

Scott Young 6

Scott’s mom, Suzi, accepting Ronald’s purple heart. Also pictured are Scott’s grandmother June Young, and uncle Charles Young.

Scott Young 7

Scott under a banner honoring his father as a “hometown hero” at the Palm Springs Air Museum.