Gaiety Male Burlesque - Christopher Brune Horan

“But here I was, looking out the window at West 46th Street at this sign that said all-male burlesque.”

Photo by Ricky Steele

Gaiety Male Burlesque

by Christopher Brune-Horan

Christopher Brune-Horan finds sanctuary in an unlikely location.

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Extras From This Story

Christopher As A Cub Scout  Christopher Says  I’M The Boy The Second From The Right  All The Other Scouts Are Facing The Photographer While I’M Staring At The Boy I Had A Mad Crush On

Christopher as a cub scout. Christopher says, "I'm the boy second from the right. All the other scouts are facing the photographer while I'm staring at the boy I had a mad crush on."

Christopher Brune Horan Circa 1985 When The Story Took Place

Christopher circa 1985 when the story took place.