Don’t Thank Me for My Service - Mic Stock 7

“It's 1997, I'm a young officer in the United States Air Force. It is a Saturday night at 1 AM, a muggy Saturday night at 1 AM in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and I'm where I should not be alone.”

Don’t Thank Me for My Service

by Rachel Pomeroy

Despite the potential consequences, Air Force officer Rachel Pomeroy reports an inappropriate incident.

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Rachel S Colleague Pinning Her Promotion To 1St Lieutenant In Early 90S

Rachel's colleague pinning her promotion to 1st Lieutenant in Early 90s.

Rachel On The Left During Her Time In The Army As An Aeromedical Evacuation Officer Around 1996

Rachel on the left during her time in the army as an aeromedical evacuation officer around 1996.