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“This is a brief story about Pearl Wolf, one of my two mothers, everybody should have a black mother and a Jewish mother. ”


by Denise Bledsoe Slaughter

Denise Bledsoe Slaughter gets a second mother when she needs it most.

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Extras From This Story

Denise Bledsoe In 1975 At Graduation

Denise in 1975 at graduation.

Denise With Her Brother Robert At His Bachelors Graduation In 2013

Denise with her brother Robert at his Bachelors graduation in 2013.

Robert And Denise On Masters Graduation Day In 2019

Robert and Denise on Masters graduation day in 2019.

Denise At Udc Graduation In 2021

Denise at UDC graduation in 2021.

Denise Bledsoe Slaughter In 2021

Denise in 2021.