Coco - Carlos Kotkin Coco

“Hopefully you like her enough to take her home because she's about to be killed in 10 minutes.”

Photo by Braden Moran


by Carlos Kotkin

A father and son visit an animal shelter. 

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Here’s a photo of Carlos and his family’s dog, Coco, but Carlos wants to make sure that readers aren’t fooled by the photo. Carlos writes:

“It’s a bit deceptive. First of all, I am holding her. I’m not sure why I have Coco in my arms. I had no interest in holding Coco and she had no interest in being held. My smile is completely insincere. This must have been taken after she was given a bath because her coat didn’t normally look that clean – it was usually more nappy. She was rattier than this picture suggests. If you put a caption to this, please put something like: Coco, on a good day. I’m sorry she wasn’t looking into the camera because her face was what really did her in, especially her teeth.”

Carlos Kotkin Extra

Coco, on a good day.