Chinatown Sneakerhead - Mic Stock 7

“My parents gave me career advice, very early and very often. They said 'Mun, whatever you do don't study art. You'll never find a job, you'll never make any money, you'll probably starve to death.'”

Chinatown Sneakerhead

by Munjen Ng

Munjen Ng and his classmate pursue careers in design.

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Extras From This Story

Munjen Ng On The Right And Evan

Munjen (on the right) and Evan.

Mun And Pro Skater Bob Burnquist

Mun and pro skater Bob Burnquist.

P3 Mun Testing Footwear At Camp Pendleton

Mun testing footwear at Camp Pendleton.

Soldiers Testing Out The Muns New Military Design

Soldiers testing out The Muns New Military design.