But Also Bring Cheese - Kate Tellers

“I know this is the day that I have been afraid of for 10 years.”

Photo by Jason Falchook

But Also Bring Cheese

by Kate Tellers

A daughter contemplates how to face her mother’s death with grace. 

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Kate and her mom blowing bubbles.

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Kate writes: “I used to think my mother made up the words that the comic characters said so I would tell her to ‘Talk at the funnies’ and bring them to life.”

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Kate writes: “This photo was taken on my roof on West 4th Street where I threw countless wine and cheese on a blanket parties. It was taken on the night before my sister went to work as an au pair in Germany and right around the time of the visit to Birdland. I have no idea what we’re looking at/why I thought that necklace was OK. Also my wine glass is plastic, a gift from an ex after he observed that I was so clumsy/my apartment was so small that I broke stemware on the regular.”

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Kate writes:  ”The lip one is my favorite because it’s our first back and forth and I feel like it’s really the moment when I became a Mom. I’ve been reluctant to share it at times because people go so damn bananas about pacifiers but now at 11 weeks my baby can eat most babies (and exclusively breast milk-fed adults)(if they exist) under the table so I feel a little more confident about it. I’m wearing one of two of my mother’s satin robes that I brought to labor in. Everyone kept commenting on how I should change into hospital gowns, or sort of giving my side-eye as though I was an out of touch Fancy, but the robes are washable and I wanted something of what I knew of motherhood to be with me.”

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Kate writes: “Right now. Child refuses to nap so he’s here with me while I am wrapping this up.”