Breaking Open - Betsy Lamberson Photo By Lindley Rust

“It's in 2006. I was living my dream life in Cairo, Egypt with my husband, Tom. ”

Photo by Lindley Rust

Breaking Open

by Betsy Lamberson

Betsy Lamberson's dream life abroad takes a tragic turn.

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Extras From This Story

1 A Newspaper Clipping From Betsys Family In The Wake Of The Bombing

A newspaper clipping from Betsy's family in the wake of the bombing.

2 The Newspaper Betsy Picked Up At Whole Foods On July 4Th

The newspaper betsy picked up at Whole Foods on July 4th.

3  Which Featured A Story About Her Father So While The Woman Was Driving Her To Safety She Was Able To Point To The Newspaper And Say “And This Is My Dad” The Drivers Response “ Oh My God”

Which featured a story about her father so while the woman was driving her to safety she was able to point to the newspaper and say "and this is my dad" the driver's response, "Oh my God."