Between The Rock and a Heart Place - Marguerite Maria Rivas Photo By Omari Spears

“And then I got pregnant. I loved that baby from the moment I knew she was there. ”

Photo by Omari Spears

Between The Rock and a Heart Place

by Marguerite Maria Rivas

Marguerite Maria Rivas searches for her daughter's grave. 

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Extras From This Story

1  The Polaroid Of Marguerite Center Jayme And Miranda The Day Of Their Visit

The polaroid of Marguerite (center), Jayme, and Miranda on the day of their visit.

2  A Bouquet Gathered From The Staten Island Woods That Marguerite Took To Marias Grave

A bouquet gathered from The Staten Island woods that Marguerite took to Maria's grave.

3  Marguerite On Her Wedding Day With Jayme

Marguerite on her wedding day with Jayme.