Being a Foot Soldier - Dr Sybil Hampton Photo By Danny Ngan

“ But on that first day that I began high school, my father stayed home from work and after breakfast he prayed, and he prayed for me to be calm and to be brave.”

Photo by Danny Ngan

Being a Foot Soldier

by Dr. Sybil Jordan Hampton

Dr. Sybil Jordan Hampton follows in the footsteps of the Little Rock Nine. 

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Dr. Sybil Jordan Hampton at the 1982 LRCHS Class Reunion, pictured with classmates, Ron Hughes and Doris Hendershott Cone-Page.

Sybil In 1947

Sybil in 1947.

Sybil In 1962

Sybil in 1962.

Les Sybil Leslie Sr And Lorraine Jordan

Les, Sybil, Leslie Sr, and Lorraine Jordan.