Baseball & Toast - Mic Stock 7

“But I just keep scrolling through all the sugar daddies this and no strings attached that until I see the title, 'Yankees tickets and a toaster.'”

Baseball & Toast

by Sara Sweet Rabidoux-Kelsey

Sara Sweet Rabidoux-Kelsey goes to great lengths to obtain a toaster.

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1  Sara Sweet And Steph At Fenway Park After Their Wedding

Sara Sweet and Steph at Fenway Park after their wedding.

2  Sara Sweet Says 22 We Wanted To Get Married In Fenway Park But Couldnt Afford It No One Can22

Sara says, "We wanted to get married in Fenway Park but couldn't afford it. No one can."

22 So We Went There The Day After Our Wedding In Our Wedding Duds And Did The Tour 22

"So we went there the day after our wedding in our wedding duds and did the tour."