A Stifling Silence - Masooma Ranalvi Headshot

“I was part of a very loving, warm affectionate family. ”

A Stifling Silence

by Masooma Ranalvi

Masooma Ranalvi decides to break her silence.

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Extras From This Story

Masooma And Her Older Sisters

Masooma and her older sisters.

Masooma At The United Nations

Masooma at the United Nations.

Masooma Her Sisters And Her Mother All Of Whom Went Through Fgm

Masooma, her sisters, and her mother all of whom went through FGM.



Masooma At An End Fgm Conference

Masooma at an End FGM Conference.

Masooma With Her Daughter Fiza

Masooma with her daughter Fiza.