The Love Hurts SLAM - Daisy Rosario

“My family are emotional paparazzi.”

The Love Hurts SLAM

This episode is available on your local radio station, on PRX and below via The Moth Player. It will be published on  iTunes | Spotify| RadioPublic | RSS on date of upload to podcast feed 7/20/21.

A special Moth Radio Hour with stories originating from our annual "Love Hurts" StorySLAM. Love lost, love found, unwanted spotlights and the family we choose. This episode is hosted by Moth Senior Director Jenifer Hixson. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

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Stories in this Episode

Colors of Love

by Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown comes face to face with his academic nemesis

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The Altar Call

by Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold dreads being singled out during altar call.

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Child of Trouble

by Daisy Rosario

A young woman meets her brother for the first time at their father's funeral.

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Logical Conclusion

by Gary Sizer

Gary Sizer shares a love of Star Trek with his step father

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Small Town

by Antoinette Thorne

Antoinette Thorne, a trans woman, is recognized by her father in a small town.

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Extras From This Episode

The Love Hurts SLAM

Andrew Brown

Andrew And Andrea At Their Wedding

Andrew and Andrea at their wedding.

Andrew And Andrea Competing

Andrew and Andrea competing as teens.

Daisy Rosario

Daisy And Her Brother Edwin The Weekend They Met In 2009  The Funeral Was Two Days Before  Here They Are Saying Goodbye In Brooklyn Before He Flew Home The Next Day

Daisy and her brother Edwin the weekend they met in 2009 saying goodbye in Brooklyn before he flew home two days after the funeral.

Gary Sizer

Gary His Mom And Dale At His College Graduation

Gary, his mom, and Dale at his college graduation.

The Card From Dale

The trading card and note to Gary from Dale

Antoinette Thorne

Lip Service by Thornes, Antoinette's band