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The Games We Play

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In this hour: win, lose or draw! Stories of competition and play. Family pranks, high school Latin, college track, and the need for approval. This episode is hosted by Moth Executive Producer, Sarah Austin Jenness. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Joey Garfield is invited to play with the cool kids. 

Tod Kelly seeks justice for a decades-old prank.

Romy Negrin and her Latin Club compete in the highest division.

Tahmin Ullah risks her relationship with her mom when she takes up running. 

Abhishek Shah hatches a plan to win over his fiancée's family.

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Extras From This Episode

The Games We Play extras

Tod Kelly

Mrh2018 Tod Kelly Extra 1

Tod and his sister, the year she got him to eat soap

Mrh2018 Tod Kelly Extra 2

Tod and his sister

Romy Negrin

Mrh2018 Romy Negrin Extra 1

The chalkboard shows the bracket structure and schedules.

Mrh2018 Romy Negrin Extra 2

The team at lunch, awaiting the news and arguing the merits of the Star Wars prequels (Romy has the pink hair).

Mrh2018 Romy Negrin Extra 3

All the teams waiting for the lecture to start.

Mrh2018 Romy Negrin Extra 4

A photo of the program from a Harvard certamen.

Joey Garfield

Joey's film, Ex Bully

Mrh2018 Joey Garfield Extra 1

Joey and his brothers at "some kind of boring formal event. It’s from that era but probably a year or two after the Twister pit incident. I’m the small one in the middle with the stylish turtleneck."

Learn more about Joey, here:

Abhishek Shah

Mrh2018 ​ Abhishek Shah​ Extra 1

Abhishek and his wife, Fenal, on their wedding day.

Mrh2018 ​ Abhishek Shah​ Extra 2

Abhishek and his family.