Texas Hold ‘Em, Kin, and Cloistered Nuns - Flora Hogman

Photo by Sarah Stacke

Texas Hold ‘Em, Kin, and Cloistered Nuns

Professional gambler Annie Duke details a pivotal poker game at the televised Tournament of Champions, road rage lands a new mom in jail, a young woman is about to give birth just as her grandfather is dying, and a Holocaust survivor describes hiding with cloistered nuns as a little girl during World War 2.

Stories in this Episode

The Big Things You Don't Do

by Annie Duke

A woman plays the most high-stakes poker game of her life, live on camera, in Las Vegas.

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Holding On for Dear Life

by Stacy Keene

A pregnant woman learns that her grandfather is gravely ill.

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Headed for a Crash

by Adam Fawer

Road rage lands a new mom in jail.

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My Name, Embroidered

by Flora Hogman

World War II separates a young girl from her mother.

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Extras From This Episode

Annie Duke 

“As long as you play these hands, you’ll be fine. Have a look at this poker strategy website to learn about poker online and poker hands. ”

Annie Duke Hold Em Hands Illustration 336X620

The list of two-card starting hands Annie’s brother wrote on the napkin when he was teaching her to play Texas Hold ‘Em.

Stacy Keene

Grandpapa Morgan And I

Stacy, her son Morgan, and her Grandpapa. Photo courtesy Stacy Keene

Flora Hogman

Flora Hogman And Her Mother Edit 465X303

Flora and her mother. Flora writes: “This one I believe was taken in 1942 some time in Vence at a Christian center for children: ‘Maison d’accueil chretienne pour enfants’ where my mother had taken me when the French police came to Nice.”

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