Snakes, Electric Shocks, and Afghanistan - Dan Kennedy

“It’s trying to bite him. He’s trying to get control of this snake. He turns around. He gets a little bit of control of it and goes, 'Kennedy, you’ve gotta hold this. This things are amazing!'”

Photo by Renee Rosensteel

Snakes, Electric Shocks, and Afghanistan

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A squeamish writer is sent on an assignment to locate enormous poisonous snakes; a hippie kid seeks the approval of his conservative father; and two child refugees from Afghanistan arrive in America without their parents.

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Stories in this Episode

In Deep Guano

by Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy travels to Indonesia to find giant snakes and live in the moment.

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Inside Passage

by Tom Bodett

Tom Bodett fears his father's judgment after being accidentally electrocuted.

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Finding Home

by Dori Samadzai Bonner

Dori Samadzai Bonner is smuggled out of Afghanistan with her little brother.

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Extras From This Episode

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy 0173 25 P 465X311

Dan being in the moment.

Dan Kennedy 25 P 465X330

Dan with the snake.

Tom Bodett

Tbmsu 1975 Cropped 465X331

Tom in his hippie phase.

Photo 1

Tom and the pole.

Dori Samadzai Bonner

Family 2 465X348

Dori and her family.

1St Yr In U S 465X348

Dori during her first year in the U.S.

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