Relative Silence - Graham Shelby

“The people I trusted most tended to be on TV.”

Photo by Jason Falchook

Relative Silence

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In this episode, the truths we keep from our family, and the lies we tell for them. Sibling mayhem, multigenerational secrets, and a surprise while watching CBS. This hour is hosted by Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media, producer of The Moth Radio Hour.

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Stories in this Episode


by ​Anagha Mahajan

Anagha finds a creative solution to stay out of the summer heat.

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Honest Colors

by Okeoma Erojikwe

Okeoma Erojikwe is stuck between a cultural tradition and loyalty to her grandmother. 

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Finding YiaYia: A Greek Tragedy

by Angela Derecas Taylor

Angela Derecas Taylor uncovers a dark truth about her grandparents.

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The Man on TV

by Graham Shelby

Graham Shelby first sees his Vietnam veteran father on a television special. 

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Extras From This Episode

Relative Silence

Okeoma Erojikwe

Granny 2

Okeoma Erojikwe's grandmother

Grannys Girl 4


Granny 1

Okeoma's grandparents together

Angela Derecas Taylor

Img 5844

The cover of Angela Derecas Taylor's book, and a photo of her grandmother

Papou And Me

Angela and her grandfather

Family At Gravesite

Angela's family at her grandmother's gravesite

Graham Shelby

Grahamand Jimmy

Graham Shelby and Jimmy

Jimmy on TV