Past Tense, Future Perfect - Mic Stock 11

Past Tense, Future Perfect

In this hour, moments and memories that mold the future. Life or death choices made in an instant, bygone mistakes, and letting go of grudges and guilt. This hour is hosted by Moth Senior Director Meg Bowles. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Julie Pryor is tasked with driving on the [infamously] dangerous Alaskan Haul Road.

A pregnant Madeleine Berenson endures harassment and discrimination from her employer.

Michael Fischer risks his life for a bag of pretzels.

Carol Seppilu finds a unique way to brave her depression. 

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Extras From This Episode

Past Tense, Future Perfect extras

Michael Fischer

Mrh2020 ​ Michael Fischer​ Extra 1

Michael as a child with his mom.

Madeleine Berenson

Mrh2020 ​ Madeleine Berenson​ Extra 1

Madeleine and her son Andre in 1979.

Mrh2020 ​ Madeleine Berenson​ Extra 2

Madeleine's family at Christmas in 2018.

Julie Pryor

Mrh2020 Julie Pryor Extra 1

Julie in her purple jacket in Nome, Alaska. 2004.

Mrh2020 Julie Pryor Extra 2

Julie visiting Alaska with her family in 2020.

Mrh2020 Julie Pryor Extra 5

Filming on the Alaska Haul Road, 2004.

Mrh2020 Julie Pryor Extra 6

Julie on the Alaska Haul Road where it crosses the Arctic Circle. 2005.

Mrh2020 Julie Pryor Extra 7

Julie’s dad, Bill Moynihan, moving the Boston Red Sox circa 1975. He’s the one in the fur-trimmed camel pea coat.

Carol Seppilu

Mrh2020 Carol Seppilu Extra 1

A winter hike on Newton mountain, 6 miles from town.

Mrh2020 Carol Seppilu Extra 2

After an emotional day I did what knew would help me feel better. My tears froze and I could barely breathe but I was grateful for the run.

Mrh2020 Carol Seppilu Extra 3

Gambell, Alaska on St. Lawrence Island — I felt a spiritual connection with my ancestors as I was running up to the graves at the top of the mountain.

Mrh2020 Carol Seppilu Extra 4

My best friend Solar and I on the sea ice.