One Thing in Common - Shaykh Umar

“My son, I want you to become a man of peace.”

Photo by Mark Earley

One Thing in Common

In this hour, four stories of lessons learned. Lessons of sharing, flirting, parenting and religious texts. Hosted by Meg Bowles, Senior Producer. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media. 

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Stories in this Episode


by Ashok Ramasubramanian

Ashok Ramasubramanian learns the joy of sharing.

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Greener Grass

by Jane Green

Jane Green is flattered by the attention of a handsome young writer.

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A Man of Peace

by Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Umar Al-Qadri

Shaykh Umar memorizes an entire religious text and only later comes to understand its deeper meaning.

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Leaping Forward

by Cybele Abbett

Cybele Abbett faces a unique parenting challenge.

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Extras From This Episode

On Thing In Common extras

Ashok Ramasubramanian

Ashok Ramasubramanian Radio Extra

Ashok Ramasubramanian at the Great Wall of China.

Jane Green

Jane Green Radio Extra 2

Jane Green with her chickens.

Jane Green Radio Extra 1

Jane Green and her husband dressed as George and Martha Washington.

Shaykh Umar

Shaykh Umar Radio Extra 3

Shaykh Umar as a teenager.

Shaykh Umar Radio Extra 2

Shaykh Umar with Tomi Reichental, a survivor of Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp. This was the first time a (Jewish) Holocaust survivor had been invited to speak in the mosque.

Cybele Abbett

Cybele Abbett Radio Extra

Cybele Abbett out sailing.

Cybele Abbett Radio Extra 2

Cybele Abbett has been making art about her experience with her son's transition from the beginning. This photo is of her holding up a pen and ink drawing. Credit: Christopher Briscoe Photography.

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