Moth GrandSLAMs: Life and Death - Jeff Simmermon

“I just need some grace and patience from the world right now. ”

Photo by Jason Falchook

Moth GrandSLAMs: Life and Death

In this episode of The Moth Radio Hour, GrandSLAM stories from around the country: a subway altercation, a child’s view on love and war, an awkward first-year teacher, a widow at The Grand Canyon, a sixth-grade clown and the loved ones left behind after a tragedy.

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Stories in this Episode

Empathetic Subway Screaming

by Jeff Simmermon

Jeff Simmermon gets in a screaming match when he spills his groceries on the subway.

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War and Peace (and Humping)

by Sofija Stefanovic

Sofija Stefanovic fell for a boy, when she was young, whose parents nationalism made him “the enemy” in the eyes of her parents. Through her young Romeo and Juliet scenario she learned to embrace the innocent hope of her inner child.

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Teacher Talent Show

by Tim Manley

A brand new teacher faces his first intimidating job at a high school.

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Grand Canyon

by Neshama Franklin

A widow takes a trip to the Grand Canyon.

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Juggling and Jesus

by Colin Ryan

Colin Ryan made the embarrassing mistake of earnestly answering a questionnaire in middle school that later caused him to realize and remember a true friend in the room.

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Deah, Yusor and Razan

by Suzanne Barakat

Suzanne Barakat's brother had his whole life in front of him—dental school, a bride—when he and his family were murdered in their apartment in North Carolina.

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Extras From This Episode

Tim 3

Tim 1

Tim, at graduation, wearing a tie with all his students names.

Neshama Franklin Radio Extra 3

Neshama and John.

Neshama Franklin Radio Extra 1
Neshama Franklin Radio Extra 2
Suzanne Barakat Radio Extra 1

From left to right: Deah, Yusor, Razan

Barakat Radio Extra 2

Deah and Yusor dancing at their wedding.

Suzanne Suzannedeah Wedding Prep1

Suzanne and her brother Deah before his wedding.

The music in this story

  • The Drift - Uncanny Valley
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  • Chandler Travis - I am Home
  • Chandler Travis - Make The Small Things Pretty
  • Chandler Travis - Coming Home
  • Chandler Travis - All I Wanna Do
  • Chandler Travis - Stuck
  • Chandler Travis - Sad and Lonely