Italian Stallion, Pen Pal, Hope and LOL - Adam Gopnik

Photo by Sarah Stacke

Italian Stallion, Pen Pal, Hope and LOL

In this hour, hear how celebrated author and writer Adam Gopnik (Paris to the Moon, The New Yorker) embarrasses his son and offends other loved ones by getting lost in the new world of instant message abbreviations. Also, the story of a first kiss and beyond from a handicapped woman; a pair of unlikely pen pals; and the sad tale of a gay man who comes out to his parents with dramatic consequences.

Stories in this Episode

Under the Influence

by Jeffery Rudell

A son's honesty with his parents fails to yield the love, compassion and forgiveness they taught him to value.

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by Adam Gopnik

A father learns to laugh out loud.

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Pen Pal

by Boris Timanovsky

Boris Timanovsky has a transatlantic pen pal adventure.

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Italian Stallion

by Janice Bartley

Janice Bartley experiences the thrill and complications of first love.

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Extras From This Episode

With Luke Olivia Under Christo Gates 465X620

Adam, his son Luke, and his daughter Olivia (of Charlie Ravioli fame) around the time the story takes place. Photo courtesy Adam Gopnik.

Watch Janice tell this story with the help of her friend, Alex.

080616 Outreach Nystories 507 465X310

Janice and the other storytellers from that evening. Photo by Denise Ofelia Mangen.

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